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    3. Corporation Introduction

      Nantong WuZhou Bearing Co.,Ltd.is specialized in producing, marketing and R&D of top rollers for draw frames,comber machines,roving frames, ring frames, rotor spinning and vortex spinning. Its annual selling of top rollers for ring & roving frames reaches morn than 3,000,000 pcs,the annual selling of top rollers for draw frames&comber machines are more than 100,000 pcs,and special bearings for various rotor spinning,vortex spinning and other spinning equipment are more than tens of thousands.

      Nantong WuZhou company has strong R & D ability,good product quality and high market share.The oilless roller bearing of drawing frame developed and produced by the company has been widely used in many textile enterprises. The rubber covered roller machine developed by the company has unique structure,high precision and stable performance. The companys independent research and development of "textile drafting roller runout detector" solves the problem of roller detection which has plagued the industry for many years. These products are welcomed by cotton textile enterprises.

      Nantong WuZhou company has advanced manufacturing technology of top roller. The grinding process of the shaft adopts the one-time forming technology.Super-finishing grinding process is added after fine grinding on shaft tracks. The complete set of top rollers are cleaned on the special designed cleaning lines,which guarantees the top rollers cleanness, increased its running
      performance and last long its life time. The five-year oil-free bearing launched by the company in 2010 is very popular among spinning enterprises.After more than ten years of time test, the oil-free time cycle exceeds the expectation.

      More than 1000 medium and high-end cotton textile enterprises in China, as well as the main domestic spinning frame,roving frame and drawing frame manufacturing enterprises are WZs steady customers.WZ products have been exported to Germany, Switzerland,Italy,Spain,Austria,Japan,Turkey,India,Pakistan,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,South Africa,Bangladesh,and Philippines,etc.WZ enjoys high reputation in domestic spinning industry.